HMD905 Hougen 2-Speed Mag Drill - 115V

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Includes coolant-inducing arbor and gravity-fed coolant bottle.
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Larger motor with two speeds adds increased strength and versatility.

Hougen's HMD905 powerful two-speed mag drill is a great all-around mag drill for general fab work, with a great power-to-weight ratio, a 2" depth by 2" diameter capacity, and a sandbox of accessories available.

  • Max Depth: 2" (50mm)
  • Max Diameter: 7/16" - 2" (12mm - 50mm)

- All drills include: carrying case, pint of coolant, safety chain & hex wrenches.
- Fabricator's Kit includes: drill, 1/2" drill chuck, adapter, & "12-000-Series" Cutter Kit.

All Models

  • Powerful high torque Hougen motor and gears
  • Two speed gear box - 250 & 450 RPM
  • Pilot light for low light conditions and greater hole accuracy
  • Two stage magnet. Engages full power only when motor is turned on, increasing magnet life
  • Available with or without swivel base
  • Positive slug ejection
  • Many accessories are available to turn your drill into a portable machine shop including: drill chucks, tapping, countersink, and more
  • Lift detector safety system
  • Integrated gravity fed coolant bottle
  • Carrying case included (08077)
  • Two year warranty

Swivel Base Models (HMD905SC, HMD905SCFAB)

  • Precisely line up your pilot with holes center location
  • One stroke lock and unlock handle
  • Great for horizontal, overhead, tight areas, and getting over another piece of steel.

  • Diameter Range: 7/16" - 2" (12mm - 50mm)
  • Depth: 2" (50mm)
  • Cutter/Mount: "12,000-Series" & Copperhead cutters, 3/4" shank
  • Twist Drill Capacity: 1/2" w/ drill chuck
  • Tapping Capacity: 1/2" w/ tapping unit

Drill More Holes

Optimize your fab shop with accessories for enhanced drilling performance: