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The most popular mag drills in Canada

The ultra-low profile lightweight right angle HMD130 is perfect for confined spaces at only just under 6-1/2" high. With dimensions this small, you can drill holes in spaces you couldn't access even with a handheld drill.

The HMD904 is the mag drill of choice for fabrication. It's lightweight, compact, powerful & versatile. Newly designed with a hidden motor cord, ergonomic housing, and 1-5/8" shorter than its previous design. The swivel-base version makes lining up your pilot dramatically easier, especially when drilling horizontally or in overhead positions.

The new HMD900 is an economical portable drill with the same 1-1/2" diameter and 2" depth of cut capacity as the HMD904, with a few less bells & whistles that make it a great budgetary drill. Perfect if you're not drilling holes in a high-production environment.


HMD130 Hougen Ultra Low Profile Mag Drill - 115V - 0130101 -

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